How to renew the damaged Jiangmen Bridge

2020-07-10 15:59:40

Jiangmen bridge plays a very important role in the power industry. The bridge is widely used. The application environment of bridge products in bridges is sometimes bad. The bridge will inevitably be damaged in operation. Usually damaged bridges need to be replaced. Pay attention to safety when replacing bridges. The material of cable bridge is mostly steel. If exposed to various environments for a long time, it will inevitably suffer from corrosion, rust, high temperature burning damage and external force damage, which will affect its maintenance function and service life. The cable tray with severe corrosion damage should be replaced to avoid cracking and collapse, which may lead to severe accidents.

First of all, before the replacement of Jiangmen bridge, we should hold a meeting to discuss, formulate a set of strict safety measures and construction scheme, and pass the examination of relevant departments. Secondly, after the approval of the cable bridge review scheme, various things and materials were prepared, personnel allocation was carried out, and the specific responsibilities of various personnel were organized.


If an maintains the cable bridge in daily life? 1。 Daily maintenance: wipe the dust on the surface regularly with clean soft cloth. Do not use wet cloth, hard objects to scrub Shanshan paint, mirror, glass. Do not touch acids, alkaline chemicals and grease. 2。 Current maintenance: quarterly maintenance. After the dust on the surface is wiped off by soft cloth, the surface is evenly coated with general polishing wax. After a period of time, the surface is polished with clean soft cloth, which has moisture resistance. Hardware fittings and metal handle can be scrubbed monotonously with less oil to make it rotate sensitively, antirust and anti-oxidation.

  3。 It should be avoided to be placed in the high temperature and humid place, and the room ventilation should be monotonous. 4。 Avoid placing fire-resistant cable tray in high temperature and humid environment. We should stick to military monotonous ventilation and avoid touching with corrosive liquids such as alcohol and nail polish. In the cleaning process, should use clean soft cloth and special maintenance wax.

Source: Jiangmen bridge pipe