What are the installation requirements for Jiangmen bridge conduit

2020-07-10 15:59:40

1. In the engineering design, the bridge should be comprehensively considered according to the economic rationality, technical feasibility, operation safety and other elements, and then the optimal scheme should be confirmed, which also needs to meet the requirements of installation, maintenance and cable placement.

2. When the bridge, trunking and its supports and hangers are used in corrosive environment. Anti corrosion treatment shall be adopted, which shall meet the requirements of engineering environment and durability. Suitable for corrosion resistance requirements or clean local, aluminum alloy cable tray should be selected.


3. In areas with fire protection requirements, plates and nets with fire-resistant or flame-retardant functions shall be added to the cable ladder and tray to form a closed or semi enclosed structure, and fire-retardant coating shall be sprayed on the surface of Jiangmen bridge and support.

4. For electromagnetic disturbance of shielded cable line or external maintenance function of outdoor sunlight, oil, corrosive liquid, combustible dust and other environmental requirements, the non hole tray type cable tray shall be selected.

5. In the area where dust is easy to accumulate, cover plate should be used for cable tray in Guizhou; in public passage or outdoor cross aisle section, base plate or non hole tray should be used on the bottom bridge.

Source: Jiangmen bridge pipe http://www.jmyxt.cn/