How to transport Jiangmen bridge and pipeline

2020-07-10 15:59:40

Jiangmen bridge is usually customized by the manufacturer. As it is a kind of unconventional product, generally only the manufacturers in the provincial capital will be transported remotely. In the process of transportation, due to the road conditions and the quality problems of the bridge itself, the products will have a certain degree of wear and damage. How to transport the cable bridge?

1. We should ensure the quality of the cable bridge. The quality can ensure the bearing capacity of the bridge, and there will be no deformation in the process of transportation and bearing, so as to ensure the arrival of the site or the factory.

2. We should ensure the equipment of cable bridge. Outstanding equipment can greatly reduce the friction of products in the transportation process, greatly improve the completion rate of products, and ensure that the bridge will not fall paint when it arrives at the construction site.

Do a good job in packing the cable bridge. When leaving the factory, it is necessary to do a good job in the problem of bridge floor friction paint, and do a good job of protection. Together, the transportation process should be robust and avoid bumping.

Source: Jiangmen bridge pipe