Problems in installation of Jiangmen bridge and conduit

2020-07-10 15:59:30

Jiangmen bridge line pipe summed up some problems according to the daily equipment of construction brothers. Assuming that the following situations can be avoided, most errors in equipment process can be avoided. Welcome to our lively comments!

1. The whole length of metal cable tray and its bracket is not solidly grounded (2 places);

2. The elastic joint is not set according to the standard requirements;

3. The cable tray and bracket are not fixed, and the bridge bracket is not grounded;

4. There is no fire blocking when crossing the fire compartment;

5. The aluminum alloy bridge and steel support are not insulated against electrochemical corrosion;


6. The bridge elbow, tee, etc. do not use the products and accessories matched with the bridge, but are processed on site, and the processing quality does not meet the standard requirements;

7. When the screw hanger equipment bridge is installed, the anti sway support is not set according to the standard requirements;

8. The steel support is not constructed according to the anti-corrosion requirements;

9. The grounding jumper wire is randomly connected at both ends of the bridge or is not connected, and the grounding jumper is not set at the conspicuous side;

10. The crimping sequence between the nose of grounding jumper and claw shaped gasket is reversed. Some of them are not provided with claw shaped gasket, and the grounding bolt of galvanized bridge is not provided with locking washer;

11. The tray and trough type bridge cover plate in the ceiling is missing;

12. The nuts of fixing bolts of Guizhou bridge connecting plate are installed on the inside of the bridge;

13. The bridge, distribution box, cabinet and steel pipe connected or connected are not grounded.

The above contents are arranged according to the problems encountered in the practical work of the students for reference. If there are any problems, please communicate and correct them in time.

Source: Jiangmen bridge line pipeline