What are the purchasing methods of Jiangmen bridge conduit

2020-07-10 15:59:30

In the project, the cable tray is generally called "bridge", but the specific structural characteristics are not pointed out. The price of cable tray with different types and different production data varies greatly, and the disorder of structure type will bring problems in heat dissipation and mechanical protection at the operation site. Therefore, in the planning stage, the planning personnel should reasonably select the structural features of the cable tray according to the engineering environmental characteristics and skill requirements, and clearly express them in the type label and data sheet of the plan.

1. Material selection of Jiangmen Bridge

Generally divided into iron, glass fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum alloy and stainless steel gathering raw materials, according to different construction requirements, select different raw materials


2. Type selection of anti-corrosion coating on cable tray surface

Anticorrosive coating is the surface coating, generally refers to its thickness, and is generally used to distinguish hot-dip galvanizing and galvanized sheet raw materials

3. Fire rating selection of cable tray

At present, there is a standard fire protection rating in China, and suppliers can show relevant documents

4. Selection of standard size of cable tray

Different construction routes lead to different standard scales. Cable tray specification is an important link in the selection of cable tray. Generally, only when the purchaser has confirmed the specific specification quantity can the supplier provide the corresponding quotation. The price difference of cable tray with different scales and specifications is very large.

Source: Jiangmen bridge line pipeline http://www.jmyxt.cn/