Matters needing attention in welding of Jiangmen Bridge

2020-07-10 15:59:30

The construction site is the primary consideration of bridge equipment welding. Because the main girder has a certain temperature difference, camber, warpage and horizontal bending will change. Therefore, when welding in the workshop, it is better to choose the equipment Jiangmen bridge, so as not to form too big temperature difference. Bridge inspection should be carried out in the morning or at night. The orientation of the pad also affects the equipment and welding of the bridge. Because the camber of the main beam is affected by the self weight elements, the bearing of the main beam cushion is good, and the equipment is at or near the end of the main beam. In addition, bridges with smaller components should be installed on the finished beams.

In order to make the bridge structure work normally after the wheel equipment, four groups of bending plates should be placed in the same plane. This level is used as a benchmark for adjusting the bridge section. It should be noted that before assembling the Jiangmen bridge, the welding seams of the components should be welded. It should not be assembled first and then repaired. Otherwise, the whole bridge welding is simple and deformed.

UTP of unshielded twisted pair is a kind of equipment which is widely used in cable profession, but it is mostly used in wiring system. It is usually used in 250MHz transmission band. Assuming that there are no special requirements, no matter the price or the construction, the basic function is very good. It is very good, can meet the Jiangmen bridge line pipeline bottom use function.


Shielded cable is slightly more expensive than unshielded cable, but its bending function is poor. They all have an aluminum foil shield that connects to their unshielded cables, which meets the requirements of using cables in our bridges. It is suitable for high-speed network, transmission ability is stronger, more suitable for the future. The application of network wiring can be well used in transmission system.

These functions are connected to the bottom of the cable bridge to meet the needs of the current bridge. Only when our planned roads and equipment reach certain specifications, can we meet the development space of shopping malls. In addition, the special bending radius has reached the bottom function of the bridge, and the standardized wiring structure has now met the current requirements. standard. Combined with the shielding planning principle, our cable bridge is still promising.

Bridge correction: ensure that the bridge is in horizontal position after the completion of equipment. If it does not meet the requirements, it shall be adjusted immediately. Make sure that the front and rear ends of the bridge are in the same straight line. If the requirements are not met, adjust them immediately. Ensure that there should be flexible connections between bridge connections. If not, increase them immediately. In order to ensure that the beginning and end of the straight section of the bridge should be fixed with angle iron, and when the bridge exceeds a certain distance, it should be fixed with angle iron bracket. Ensure that the height of the bridge deck is the same as the height above the ground. If it does not meet the requirements, adjust it immediately. Ensure that the orientation of the bridge meets the planning requirements of the parking lot. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be adjusted immediately.

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