How to care for the passivation film effect of Jiangmen bridge pipe

2020-07-10 15:59:30

Generally, most of the equipment we use is of special structure, so the effect is not so strong. Therefore, we need to pay attention to avoid the oxidation phenomenon of the equipment and adopt corresponding measures to control it. Generally, when this happens, passivation or pickling process is mostly used to avoid oxygenation, so that the anti-corrosion function of C can be advanced. It can be seen that this method is still very important and plays a key role.

In general, we need to choose this process when using hot-dip galvanizing, which also conforms to the aesthetic standards of other developed countries. In this case, we can use the technology to better reflect the 40 year service life of the bridge. As you can see, we still need to understand this technology. In the maintenance of equipment, it is also necessary to consider the content and thickness of multi zinc layer, which is more suitable for the application of Jiangmen bridge.


There are three installation directions of Jiangmen bridge: horizontal device, straight device and air direction. The accessories of the transverse device are all supports; the bridge of the longitudinal device is in the center of the cable to avoid the influence of gravity and scattered; in the air, the use of cross bar, two sling, or sling (hanger) can be used. In general, no matter what kind of device is selected, the support spacing is 1.5m.

In addition, if the cables belong to different systems, isolation can be set on the bridge. If the strong and weak current systems share a bridge, a certain distance should be set according to the rules of the code, or another steel pipe should be set to avoid disturbance.

Source: Jiangmen bridge line pipeline