How to maintain Jiangmen bridge pipe

2020-07-10 15:59:30

Daily maintenance: use clean soft cloth to wipe surface dust regularly. Do not use wet cloth or hard objects to wipe Jiangmen bridge surface and mirror glass. Avoid contact with acids, alkaline chemicals and greasy substances.

Regular repair: generally, it can be repaired once a quarter. After wiping the dust on the surface with a soft cloth, wipe it evenly with a special polishing wax, and then wipe the surface with a clean soft cloth. Hardware accessories and metal handle can be wiped with less oil and monotonous to allow flexible rotation, rust and oxidation resistance. It should be avoided to be placed in high temperature and high humidity area, and the indoor monotonous ventilation should be insisted. Avoid contact with corrosive liquids such as alcohol, nail polish and other surfaces. Dry cleaning soft cloth should be used and special maintenance wax should be used.

Jiangmen bridge wiring is suitable for many cables or concentrated places, so the cable bridge wiring requirements are very high, and the equipment of cable bridge is mainly on the roof. Horizontal and vertical equipment along the wall, along the axis of the equipment, and along the ground equipment. Equipment for cable trench and pipe support. Equipment support (suspension) can be used for products or self-restraint. The fixing method of branch (suspension) frame mainly includes iron welding and expansion bolt fixation.


Attention should be paid to the equipment and wiring of Jiangmen bridge. The plan is carried out in accordance with the approved plan.

In horizontal equipment cable bridge, the best span should be selected according to the load curve, and the span is generally 1.5-3m. For vertical layout, the distance between fixed points should not be greater than 2m. When multiple groups of cable bridges are paralleled at the same height, the protection and maintenance distance between adjacent cable bridges should be considered.

The cable can be laid on the cable tray in Guiyang without distance. The filling rate of cables on the cross section of the bridge should not exceed 40% for power cables and 50% for control cables.

When the cable tray is used indoors, the cable shall not be covered with jute or other flammable materials. When the cable bridge is used in corrosive or particularly humid places, corresponding protective measures should be taken according to different corrosive media, and plastic sheathed cable should be selected.

When the cable tray of horizontal equipment is horizontal, the height above the ground shall not be less than 2.50M. When the cable tray is vertical, the metal cover shall be protected. When it is less than 1.80m, the special electrical room (such as distribution room, switch, etc.) shall be outside. FT, skill level, etc.).

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