How to improve the bearing capacity of Jiangmen Bridge

2020-07-10 15:59:30

Now, the profit margin of cable tray is gradually tightening, which is closely related to the price rise of raw materials. Therefore, in order to complete the better development, it is necessary to carry out some technological innovation, such as forward carrying ability. Next, Jiangmen bridge to the following three common cable tray said.

1. Steel cable tray

The structural strength of the cable tray profile is higher than that of the ordinary plane plate. In general, the Jiangmen bridge uses mechanical pulling or limiting technology, and then changes the plane plate shape of the cable tray to advance the strength. For example, corrugated structure is selected for the bottom plate, upper edge and cover plate in the main structure of cable tray, or block concave convex structure similar to track is limited, so as to increase the strength of cable tray. At the same time, the heat dissipation area increases, and the structure is convenient for air permeability and heat exchange, and also reduces the energy loss of cables laid in the cable tray. Jiangmen bridge this kind of structure selects the low thickness plate to be able to satisfy the original bearing ability request, this will many reduce the use quantity of raw materials. According to the knowledge of Jiangmen bridge, the two processes have been tested by manufacturers, and both have good application effect. If further research is carried out along this direction, more and more new cable trays will be produced in the future.

In addition, for places with less cables and lighter cables, steel mesh can be used instead of steel plate. Jiangmen bridge tells you that this kind of structure is sensitive, suitable for various device conditions, convenient for air circulation and can effectively reduce the influence of electromagnetic interference. This kind of steel mesh cable tray greatly reduces the use of raw materials and effectively controls the cost of raw materials.


2. FRP cable tray

In the cable tray, due to the influence of its material function, the FRP cable tray has a certain gap with the steel cable tray in the aspects of bearing capacity, torsion resistance and tensile strength. However, due to its high corrosion resistance, it is widely used in chemical engineering and other work. In order to advance the strength of Jiangmen bridge, we can learn the method of aluminum alloy cable tray, and design the four sides into four sides Compared with the original structure, the hollow profile structure can be lined with steel bars to achieve the function of forward structure under the condition of consuming the same raw materials.

3. Aluminum alloy cable tray

The aluminum alloy cable tray is made of aluminum alloy material, so its structural strength is still relatively high. To further advance its strength, Jiangmen bridge tells you that you can select steel stiffeners to reinforce the ladder edges and rungs of the bridge, so as to reduce the plate thickness grade.

Source: Jiangmen bridge pipe