How to distinguish the merits and demerits of Jiangmen bridge conduit

2020-07-10 15:59:30

  1) Confirmation direction: according to the layout plan of the construction, combined with the setting conditions of air-conditioning pipelines and electrical pipelines, convenient repair, and the density of cable route, the best route of Jiangmen bridge of Huixian line is recognized. Indoor, it is necessary to erect along the wall, column, beam and floor of the building as far as possible. If it is necessary to use induction pipe gallery, it should be erected in parallel above one side of the pipeline, and downlead should be considered If there is no other pipe support for borrowing, it is necessary to set up a prop by itself.

2) load Accounting: calculate the cable component per unit length on the vertical section of the trunk line of the convergence line bridge.


3) draw the plane and section drawings of cable tray, and draw the space diagram of local parts, and list the data sheet.

4) equipment recognition method: according to the setting conditions of the site, the fixed method of the bridge is recognized, including suspension type, vertical type, side wall type or mixed type. The connectors and fasteners are generally supplied in a complete set. In addition, the corresponding revision is selected according to the bridge structure.

5) the width of the cable tray: the type and standard of the cable tray, the length of the bracket arm, the length and distance of the pillar, the width and number of layers of the bridge are recognized according to the number of cables laid, the diameter of the cable and the distance between the cables.

Source: Jiangmen bridge pipe